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Global Innovation Forums

Innovation Forums

The Global Innovation Forums bring together young people from around the world to facilitate outcome-oriented discussions with international decision-makers, corporate executives, diplomats, and area experts leading to constructive enterprise concepts. Leadership is challenged with unique and often surprising new takes on global issues while young entrepreneurs gain practical insights into policy realities, business parameters, and procedural requirements that enhance the viability of start-up ventures.

  • The forums introduce:
    • Entrepreneurship
      • Essentials – process and the four pillars/capitals (intellectual, financial, networking, and inner)
      • Types (classic, social, and constructive)
    • Innovation
      • Essentials (thought process, necessary conditions, etc.)
      • Types (continuous and transformational)
    • The role of information communication technology (ICT) and sustainable energy sources in addressing the United Nations Millennium Development Goals
  • The forums innovate commercially viable constructive enterprise concepts
    • Group induced
    • Individually designed

The Forums short-circuit the conventional vertically integrated interaction process; instead, dynamic young entrepreneurs get direct and immediate feedback from global leaders on their fresh, “outside-the-box” constructive enterprise ideas, eliminating the usual impediments of bureaucracy, red tape, and “going through channels.” Competitive presentations among small teams introduce the participants to the kind of assessments one would expect before a government panel or corporate boardroom. The result is that the young entrepreneurs gain insight and perspective from the ideas and assessments presented by their rival teams and leaders, executives, and area experts who participate in the evaluation.

These young entrepreneurs are carefully recruited from partner International Institutions, private and public sectors, as well as over 500 universities around the world. The result is selective group of highly motivated young people from various ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, including those from underserved and underprivileged communities. Our rigorous recruitment process ensures the participation of young people with a potential to excel when provided with opportunities for growth and global engagement. 

Global Innovation Forums Global Innovation Forums Global Innovation Forums Global Innovation Forums

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Our forums are designed to introduce the steps that are necessary to ensure successful constructive entrepreneurship practice.