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Cynthia M. Ruiz Cynthia M. Ruiz
President, Board of Public Works, Los Angeles

Environmentalist and community activist Cynthia M. Ruiz was unanimously confirmed by the Los Angeles City Council to a seat on the Board of Public Works on July 19, 2005 and serves as its new president. Commissioner Ruiz served as a Public Works Commissioner under the previous administration. As a Board commissioner, Ruiz brings more than two decades of community involvement and experience to a team that ensures quality and efficient delivery of key City services to the public. The five-member Board of Public Works, the City’s only full-time policy-making Board, serves jointly as general manager of the Department of Public Works, the City’s third largest municipal agency with more than 5,800 personnel. The Department of Public Works is responsible for construction, renovation and operation of public facilities and infrastructure ranging from curbside collection and graffiti removal to maintenance of sidewalks, bridges, sewers and streetlights, maintenance of wastewater treatment plants and design of public buildings. “My responsibilities on the Board are in areas in which I have participated as a private citizen and have had a long and continuing interest,” Commissioner Ruiz said. “I believe my background in the private sector, coupled with my academic training and involvement with Neighborhood Councils and other community activities, has placed me in a unique position to achieve some of the tasks facing me.” Prior to working for the City of LA she was a business owner for 18 years and taught Workers Compensation classes Insurance Education Association for fifteen years. Commissioner Ruiz is a graduate of California State University, Los Angeles, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in counseling and Chicano Studies and a Master of Science degree in counseling. She also holds a certificate in Federal Mediation Training.

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