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About Athgo

About Athgo International

Established in 1999 in Los Angeles, California, Athgo International is a nonprofit 501c3 non-governmental that is dedicated to empowering young people (18-32 years of age) with the tools, knowledge, and support needed to conceive, develop, and launch constructive entrepreneurial ventures.  We promote cutting-edge innovations that maximize financial as well as socio-economic and environmental returns while focusing on a critical segment of the population, the young people. Our programs stretch from the United States to Europe and Asia.

    1) Integrating young people in socio-economic activities enhances development. 2) Every “No” and every challenge is a disguised opportunity for a positive change.
    1) Providing knowledge and enhancing the skills necessary to recognize opportunities. 
    2) Supporting and promoting innovation by way of constructive entrepreneurship.

What is Constructive Entrepreneurship?
The Constructive Entrepreneurship, as other entrepreneurship paradigms, seeks positive returns. The distinction is in the nature of returns sought by the Constructive model. Instead of seeking either only financial returns or alternatively social and environmental returns, or even blended returns at the time of payoffs, the model proposes an integrated business model at the outset. As a result, a business which includes products or services that provide communal benefits (e.g. low-income housing, affordable education, LED light bulbs, or new community driven innovations) or have a community enriching organizational makeup (e.g. a predetermined percentage of the workforce and/or ownership will be comprised of underprivileged members of the public), and is eco-effective is considered constructive.

Affiliations and Networks
Athgo has formal partnerships and affiliations with a host of international institutions, the private sector, and governments and academic establishments. The widely recognized international associations include Athgo’s membership in UN Global Compact, the world’s largest, global corporate citizenship initiative; consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council and the UN Department of Public Information; and an observer status with the World Intellectual Property Organization.  Athgo also has a formal collaboration agreement with the UN Global Alliance for ICT and Development (GAID) and annual programs with the World Bank and the United Nations University.  These relationships provide Athgo with an access to most UN hosted summits and conferences and position us to make formal contributions to the UN’s overall development agenda.

Our Global Innovation Forums, Internships and Associates Program have directly engaged and trained over 3,500 young entrepreneurs and developed a growing network that includes over 100,000 young professionals and nearly 500 universities worldwide including the American University, Cornell University, London School of Economics, Sydney University, Australia, Tambov Technical University, Russia, University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Genoa, Italy. 

The organization’s network and support system also include a number of multinational corporations and Fortune 100 companies such as Boeing, Dell Computers, Intel Corporation, Nestle, and Northrop Grumman and nearly 40 governments, many of which represented by their diplomatic missions or various relevant Ministries, including Belgium, Brazil, China, Egypt, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Tanzania, and the United States.

Origins of the Athgo Name
What does "Athgo" stand for? We've been asked this question a lot lately, so we thought it was time not only to set the record straight but also to move forward and update our name just as we did our logo in April, 2008.

When Athgo was established in 1999, "Athgo" was an acronym for "Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities," which summarized our goal at the time to provide opportunities for a globally diverse group of young people to further their education, training, and networking in the realm of international affairs. Although Athgo has remained true to its foundational principles, over the years it has also evolved, progressed, and refined its mission to the point that the old acronym no longer adequately expresses either the wide-ranging scope of our endeavors or the particular emphases of our individual programs.

During the same period of time, however, the name "Athgo" has become recognized worldwide and associated with the good work of the organization, thereby precluding a name change for the sake of a new acronym that would only result in confusion. Therefore, we have decided, beginning in April, 2008, to update our name simply to "Athgo" and to drop "Alliance Toward Harnessing Global Opportunities" from our collateral materials. In doing so, we hope that Athgo will continue to be recognized for its past work while also being free to undertake new initiatives that will keep it relevant and on the cutting-edge in addressing the most pressing issues of an ever-changing world.