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We engage young people in constructive entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Knowledge

We provide instruction in Constructive Entrepreneurship, Startup Development, Network Expansion, and Fundraising complemented by the 4-Pillars to Success knowledge framework

Startup Experience

We help turn ideas into startup businesses

Financial and Networking Resources

We provide Innovation Grants and Exclusive Networking opportunities

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Global Innovation Forums

The Global Innovation Forum is a highly interactive program that drives innovation and entrepreneurship

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Startup 3.0

The Startup 3.0 advances early-stage startup businesses through synthesized in-person direction and online collaboration

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Career Opportunities

The career opportunities range from week-long internships at our programs to full-time employment at our offices

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Explore Recent Programs

Startup 3.0 - Transform Africa

Fall 2013 – Kigali, Rwanda

Startup 3.0 program in Kigali, Republic of Rwanda proved to be a major success. A talented group of high-potential young entrepreneurs from 10 African countries was selected to work collaboratively in perfecting, vetting, and validating their socially responsible and high-growth tech-startup businesses and concepts.

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5th Annual Global Innovation Forum

Spring 2013 – World Bank HQ, Washington DC

Athgo’s 5th Global Innovation Forum at the World Bank HQ opened on May 22, 2013. The three day event began with a welcome address delivered by Athgo’s VP of Education and Training, Darel Tai Engen, PhD. He challenged participants to bring intelligence, knowledge, experience, and creativity to the table.

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Upcoming Programs

6th Global Innovation Forum

Summer 2015 – World Bank HQ, Washington DC

The Global Innovation Forums bring together young people from around the world to facilitate outcome-oriented discussions with international decision-makers, corporate executives, diplomats, and area experts leading to constructive enterprise concepts.

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Entrepreneurship Web 3.0

Fall 2015 – Republic of Suriname, Caribbean Region

The regionally focused Entrepreneurship Web 3.0 program brings together 25 startups and facilitates the growth of four business capacities – Intellectual, Network, Financial, and Core – through synthesized in-person direction and online collaboration.

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Meet the Team

Armen Orujyan, PhD

Founder and Chairman

Armen Orujyan, PhD is an entrepreneur and innovator who is the Founder and CEO of Athgo, one of the world’s leading entrepreneurial platforms in consultative status with the UN Economic and Social Council and the UN Department of Public Information. Learn More

Yana Saakyan

Vice President of Programs

Yana leads the Organization’s activities to include E3.0 program, designed for startup engagements in the emerging countries. In a role of a product development lead, Yana currently directs all aspects of the product and user experience design.

Joseph Barnes

Board Member

Joseph Barnes, CEO of Barnes and Barnes LLC – a consulting company, – has spent over 20 years developing executive level management and leadership experience while personally starting and building viable service related companies.

Timothy Riesen, PhD

Board Member

Timothy Riesen is the CEO of Madison Springfield, Inc. – an emerging markets consultancy that specializes in providing research, advisory services, and innovative technology solutions to multinational organizations.

Darel Tai Engen, PhD

Vice President of Education 

Darel Engen has served as the VP of Education and Training of Athgo International since 2002. He has taught at UCLA, Gonzaga University, and is currently an Associate Professor of History at California State University, San Marcos.

Naila Chowdhury

Board Member

Naila Husain Chowdhury is Chairman of the TeleConsult Group in Bangladesh and United States. Previously she held the position of Director Customer Relations and Human Resources at Grameen Phone Ltd.

Masiela Lusha

Ambassador of Youth

Masiela Lusha is a European born author, actress, producer and humanitarian who first gained recognition after starring in film and TV projects such as ABC’s George Lopez and Sony Picture’s Blood: The Last Vampire. 

What People Say about Athgo

What a great opportunity that other young people should take advantage of in order to get inspired! Prior to the Athgo Forum, I was naive in believing that one individual can create so much change. During and after the conference, I was inspired to make a difference. I got together young people in my community, and helped to create Project World Citizen; a non-profit organization building schools in rural communities in Ghana. We were successful after a year. Kelsey Wolff

Global Innovation Forum 2008, World Bank hq, Washington DC

Since year 2008 I have attended three Global Innovation Forums as participant, intern, a research fellow and an evaluator. Athgo programs helped me to improve my research skills and taught me creative thinking. Thanks to Athgo programs, I have developed a broad network of potential business partners through North America and learned invaluable innovation lessons from many successful entrepreneurs who attended the forums as panelists. Jerome Lankoande

Global Innovation Forums 2007 - 2009, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

The Athgo Forum gave me the tools of putting a technical project in a business context. In addition, it put me in touch with very smart people that I am still working with till now. As a team, we currently have a prototype of a solar backpack that we thought of at the program. Our product can power cell phones or an LED light. It has a power output of 1.6 W at full sunlight generating over 5 hours of energy source for students without power supply. Amal Kabalan

Global Innovation Forum 2011, World Bank hq, Washington DC

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